Cloud is the future of business

Cloud is the future of business

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huawei cloud

A global technology company Huawei has stated that cloud is the future of technology in business, coupled with the fact that hardware innovation, software building and data intelligence have been the three most vital and important factors of the recent business successes.

This was stated at the second open cloud congress, West Africa summit in Lagos with the theme ”transforming with cloud; setting new benchmarks”

huawei cloud

Huawei stated that its latest achievement in the building of an open, collaborative and cloud ecosystem together with partners and customers was driven by innovation.

It went on to further state that it will make co-operation with its customers stronger hence creating a greater marketing opportunity.

Huawei  drove the speech home at the event by urging industry leaders and information technology  vendors to produce and promote more upon more efficient and more structured business growth for enterprise career.

Huawei used this platform to share its visions and ideas on future strategies and tactics to be implemented on how to work together with various industries in order to attain advance information and communication technology so as to showcase its experience in information technology.

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