Kotivu builds workplace e-learning platform

Kotivu builds workplace e-learning platform

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In an attempt  to make learning and democratise learning affordable and available to Nigerians, Kotivu, a social impact educational software firm has introduced an e-learning platform called Kotivu.ng.

Kotivu provides an e-learning platform for students, individuals and entrepreneurs to showcase creativity and groom their talent. The array of learning programmes offered by Kotivu cut acrosses readiness, workplace, executive and emerging entrepreneur programmes.

Steven ojji, who is the founder and chief Executive Officer of Kotivu.ng spoke at the launch of the e-learning facility in Lagos at the weekend where he stated that facility was created wit the aim of improving the quality of human resources available to organization in Nigeria.

He further went the state that the main reason fr the creation of the facility was because of the harrowing experiences of many employers during recruitment.


”We were inspired by our previous recruiting experience to set up Kotivu.ng. Several recruitment exercises which we had  in the past left us with much agony i our hearts because we saw that people, most especially graduates, lacked basic skills needed in communication and presentation and as such find it had to express themselves in a formal environment” Ojji said.

”Research has also shown that over 85 percent of companies, especially small and medium scale enterprises, failed to send their staff for further training in three years. With the major cause for this being attributed to the high cost and man-hours loss by the business.

”This triggered  us to establish and create an avenue that will make training affordable and easily accessible to employees on site thereby reducing man-hour loss. The birth of Kotivu.ng was therefore hinged around the democratisation of workplace by making it affordable for millions of Nigerians,” he added.

Followed by Steven Ojji was the Co-founder and senior vice President, sales and marketing, Kotivu.ng, Emore Ogho, also spoke

He said with the overwhelming influence of technology in all areas such as educational sector, e-learning platform will shift the focus of the capacity of workplace in developing programmes away from the conventional classroom to online, with the aim of getting people acquainted with the technical aspect of their profession on a user friendly portal.


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