Parkway projects introduces bank 3D

Parkway projects introduces bank 3D

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parkway projects introduces bank 3D

Parkway projects introduces bank 3D- a managed  business banking solution suite for large, medium size and small businesses including government agencies, customers and bankers.

The solutions comes in packages of different shapes and sizes with simple and intriguing apps for monitoring business bank accounts across all banks in Nigeria and making payments to merchants and employees fro mobile phones, personal computers, tabs and other gadgets.

The functions of the apps include revenue collections  with customised order forms to receive payments from patronizers or buyers at point of sale. market outlets, on-line, bank branches and deposits including automated teller machine.

According to parkway, the apps can also be used for other services like electronic invoicing, tracking invoices/payments , receiving payments from e-channels and enabling businesses generate invoice to customers.

Central bank of Nigeria recently listed and gave license to Parkway projects as a payment service provider.


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